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 April 13th, 2008 (Development Blog)

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PostSubject: April 13th, 2008 (Development Blog)   Sun Apr 13, 2008 8:25 pm

I'd like to start this DB (Development Blog) off with a welcome to the new Stormblade Forums and it's users. The forums were created April 12th but have been worked on quite a bit and are nearly complete thanks to Vonsula. We are still looking to have our custom layout and upgraded forums, but it is low on our priority list at the moment.

Well most of this post is good news actually; I've been talking to a few people in order to complete our current team and there is a chance that we will have a new Music composer and C++ Programmer with us, welcome them warmly once you first meet them. I have been running around, learning, reading, and watching the members and questions being asked so that we don't have to ask the same if the problem rises. I have also been looking at the "Help wanted" forums, searching for members that would suit our wants at the moment which has been a good turn out so far.

I will be posting about our Indie team on eventualy, asking for people who would like to assist with our project. I will not do this until we have enough things completed to show to them to attract them our way. Posting "We just started this game and are looking for programmers, artists, web designers, music composers..ect will look exactly like the other "Help wanted: posts out there which is something I, as CEO, would like to stay away from. I will be discussing the new assignments for the team lower down on this post.

Unfortunatley, a couple members from our team have been removed from the list. Cursed (A Mapper) and Cokekoladrunk (A GFX artist) were both removed from the team on April 11th after discussing with them. I wish them best of luck to where ever they are heading.

I have been doing some intense work on valhalla's Gate GDD and progressed quite a bit. The basic controls have been brainstormed and an "Objective" Summary was writted yesterday to explaining more about the game and it's features. Here it is:

Valhalla's Gate Objective:

The objective of Valhalla's Gate is to progress through the game with a character created by the player. The player must increase his/her characters skills and stats, becoming stronger and more involved in his/her own storyline. The game is not packed with a linear storyline to run through because of the oppurtunities players are given to create their own. From becoming a king to living as a simple citizen, or even travelling Revia in search of rare items.

Players will be able to complete a wide variety of quests and side stories along with their own quests that can be Role played as they progress through the game. They will be able to compete in tournaments, arenas, Bounties, Mercenary missions, large scale battles, run through dungeons, item search, explore, or live a peaceful life as a lumberjack, miner, smith, Alchemist, Scribe, Merchant, along with their own homes.

The Objective of the game can be different in many ways for players. Getting the strongest equipment, becoming rich, or creating an indepth storyline with all the features and opportunities given to them. With our Karma system, it allows the player to run through the game with different visions of their character's needs. A "bad guy" would want to rob or murder and a good guy save citizens or join the kingdom to defend his/her people. The freedom of becoming bad, good, or anything inbetween is in the players hands which allow them to create new objectives with their characters.

Drizzt has also been working on the GDD, adding some twists on the King's duties and elections. Along with that, he has also helped fill in a few gaps that I did not see when writing the smaller version of the GDD, we will probably run into plenty more but with three of us, one is bound to find them. Although we have had a lot completed, a normal GDD usually consists of 12 pages, ours is currently a 5 page GDD. I will be working on the GDD all week and hopefully complete it with less than 20 pages. Is looking slightly better and contributing more information than before but we are still looking for a new layout and PHP web designer. Drizzt will be able to complete a more attractive design but will not get involved with the PHP sections of the website. I was talking to an old contact of mine and he is willing to create a professional system with Accounts, Newsletters, Flash, and many more tempting features for $60. We obviously don't have the kind of money at the moment until we get in contact with Nightflyer which has been extremely busy due to his new job. Hopefully we can find someone who will do this for free before the $60 are wasted.

The GDD for Xtreme pong was posted on by to ask for feedback. I recieved enough feedback to expand on the GDD to inclue more information and an "Objective" Summary. I also recieved a PM by a member informing me that the word "Pong" is trademarked by Atari and if we use that word for the name of our game, we will be involved in legal issues which is something we do not and could not go up against at our current state. I will be working on the Pong game some more at a later date (Probably next month) to change the legal issues and explain the game more to the readers. I am just going to add in that we will not be making Xtreme Pong an "Online" game but a "Multiplayer" game (two people on one keyboard).

For our current team list, this is the most up to date:

Team: Lach- Game Designer, C++ Programmer, Production supervisor.
Drizzt - Level Designer, Web Designer, Game Designer.
Nightflyer - Lead C++ Programmer.
Natemo - 3D Artist, 2D Artist.
Moy - Game designer, Writer.
Kinslayer - Level Designer, Game Designer
Vonsula - Level Designer, Website Designer
SMGComposer - Music Composer, Sound Composer.
Tu Dinh - C++ Programmer, C# Porgrammer (Final Decision on Monday, April 14th)

Now before I close this session of the Development blog, all Staff members are to contact me and Drizzt personaly for their Assignment. The sooner you talk to us, the more time you have to work on the assignment. The timeline for your assignments will be given to you at the time you contact us.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have learned more about where we are heading at the moment.

Stormblade Studios
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PostSubject: Re: April 13th, 2008 (Development Blog)   Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:09 pm

Well I will begin my section of this haha!
1st off the website... The 60 dollar guy is being debated by me heavly... This owuld mean we would have to pay him 60 dollars and that is not to mention the other 10 we would have to pay each month for his site to be transfered onto the hosting program... So as that stands, I am not too giddity about that.

Another point of mention to Lach is I myself have not seen the GDD for Xtreme Pong and would be very curious to look it over...And also if we do not plan to sell this game it is perfectly legal to use the word "Pong" for we are not infringing on any retail sites but merely promoting their item. I would however like to request their permission in using their term just to take this out of the possibilities list. Also I would like to shoot for the skies on this and make it online... Just my take I think it would be a huge step for us. And it could be very fun... I have been looking into Online Pong Source code, And there is nothing too difficult that I think our programmers couldn't handle. So I say we go for it, Just a thought.

Also the GDD I have been working on for VG, The kings part, Is on my broken computer where I can not retrive it... I do appologize for this and I will be getting it sometime around Friday. So bare with me as I will not be able to get much work done without a computer...

That about sums it up for me... I hope this helps everyone understand everything, and I hope to work something out with Lach about our dissagreements Razz I'm sure we will...
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April 13th, 2008 (Development Blog)
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