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 March 6th, 2008

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PostSubject: March 6th, 2008   Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:54 pm

This is a collection of the games most current information. The only thing that is not included is protoype music and specific race lore.

Valhalla's Gate: Kingdoms

Valhalla's Gate: Kingdoms is an Online Roleplaying Game (ORPG) Set in the Mythology era with bits of European fantasy. The game takes place in the world of Valhalla where players are given unlimited choices for lifestyles in a mature Roleplay enforced envoirement. Something most ORPGs do not have these days is a good story line and lore to back it up. In Valhalla's Gate, story and lore is something that is prioritized. From the Solar system, to religions, to Insects, it will have it all. To keep the game interesting, players will be able to Mine, Fish, Cook, Cut for Wood, Smith, Own their own houses and do much more.
In Valhalla's Gate, there are 4 kingdoms that have gained the reputation and popularity to be known throughout the land. (Please see "Kingdoms" for more information). To have a proper kingdom running, you would need a King (Please see Kingship for more info). Players are also able to create their own "Group" and have the oppurtunity to expand as well. There are 6 playable races in Valhalla's Gate and 2 Special Races. Each race has their own Culture and attitude towards other races. For example, Goblins were taken into Slavery for twelve years by the humans. Other races take that as a weak attribute of the Goblins and may insult them for it.


Info For Kings

Basics -

If you happen to be lucky and are a King of a Kingdom, then you have the opportunity to make decisions that will effect your whole kingdom. Some Privileges and things you need to know about being a King is:

Outposts -

There are unclaimed outposts throughout the world of Valhalla. This means that if someone from your kingdom finds an outpost they must report it to you, you then report it to a God and you will be given ownership of the outpost. Every outpost will look the same once given ownership, it is a kings duty to pay tribute to the Gods for a remodeling of the outpost. To even put a tile down, the gods must have the gold first. There are no I O Us.
Outposts can be attacked at any time, if no defenders show up, then the outpost is yours by default. In order to keep the players aware of the attack, the king must place a notice on the games forums describing the date of the attack and/or any other things you would like to add in.

Banishment -

If there is a disciple within your kingdom that has been causing a commotion lately, you can contact a god to move this person to another kingdom or if serious enough get rid of this person. However if you abuse this privilege than you can be stripped of your the title of King.

Alliances/Treaties -

Kings are able to create alliances or treaties at any time during the game. It must be officialy counciled and witnessed by others. Once allied to another kingdom, you may reinforce each other and perform all the duties a king will be faced with during an alliance.

Rank Placement -

To be a King you have many responsibilities, one of those is choosing the best fit for a position such as : Strategist, Heir, Wife/Queen....ect. The way this is done is entirely up to the king.

Building -

For your Kingdom to Prosper you must have Gold. The king has permission to build anything that suits them. These things may vary from barracks, brothels, graveyards, temples, churches, castles, camps..ect. To have something built, you must contact your kindoms God and give them the certain amount of gold that is asked for. Once again, there are no I O U's.

Hiring Mercenaries -

A king has the oppurtunity to hire mercenaries. Mercenaries can be from any kingdom. The mercenaries are hired by the kings to go to another kingdom and destroy everything or sabotage things. Note: Mercenaries are hired to be staff (Check staff page).

Religion -
Religion can be an important thing in a kingdom and to Gods. Build temples for worshipping and tributes and you never know what a God will do to reward you for dong such a good deed. A Religion is something that adapts into a society. Kings and high authority may enforce a religion to follow in their society.


Kingdom Of Valencia(Vel-En-Cia):

King - N/A

Kingdom Of Maldonel(Mal-Don-El):

King - N/A

Kingdom Of Fireon(Fer-Yon):

King - N/A

Kingdom Of Gar'geth(Gar-Geth):

King - N/A


Updates in Valhalla's Gate will be treated differently. Instead of players experiencing the new updates 1st hand, staff will work on a seperate server to complete their assignments. Once the assignment is complete, the updated files will be transferred to the primary server so players can experience new areas and features when they are complete and not in progress.

Valhalla's Gate: Arena

Valhalla's Gate: Arena is a Minigame to Valhalla's Gate: Kingdoms (Which was previously called Valhalla's gate). Here, you will compete with other players just like yourself for V points (Valhalla's Currency) and with those points, purchase a wide variety of things that you can't get on VG:K including: Weapons, Armor, spells, Quest Walkthroughs, expansion packs, and much more!

While Valhalla's Gate: Kingdoms (VG:K) is in development, you will be able to compete in a wide variety of tournaments which will be disclosed for the time being. This is not a full game and will only be online on a scheduled basis for you (the player) to obtain V points.

Races Of Valhalla's Gate: Kingdoms and Arena
Each race stat points equal to 20.
Human - Strength = 5, Defense= 6, Speed = 5, Magi = 4

Goblin - Strength = 6, Defense= 5, Speed = 7, Magi = 2

Elf - Strength = 4, Defense= 4, Speed = 8, Magi = 5

Dwarf - Strength = 7, Defense= 7, Speed = 3, Magi = 3

Centaur - Strength = 7, Defense= 6, Speed = 7, Magi = 0

Velnora - Strength = 2, Defense= 3, Speed = 5, Magi = 10

Special Races:
Special Races have +5 stat points (25)
Minotaur - Strength = 11, Defense= 9, Speed = 5, Magi = 0

Orc - Strength = 9, Defense= 7, Speed = 6, Magi = 5

General Valhalla's Gate Lore

Valhalla - Valhalla is the land in which the game takes place. Consisting of 6 Continents and a large island. Valhalla was created by a method similar to the "big bang theory" called Gaiaton. The land is full of Lakes, Plains, Dungeons, Forests, Deserts, mountains, and many mysteries that the magic aura released.

Gaiaton - Gaiaton, similar to the "Big Bang Theory" created the mystic land of Valhalla. It began as a large black orb in a space of nothing that compressed so much it cracked open, releasing the "Magic Aura", which mysteriously created Valhalla. No one knows how the orb or Gaiaton was created, but some say that the Gods worked together at a time of peace to create it.

Magic Aura - Not much about the Magic Aura is known, only that it was released when Gaiaton happened. It is the suspected creator of Valhalla and any other land that has not been discovered.

Mystics - Although there is no proof of existence, Mystics were said to live thousands of years before the first Era. They were Valhalla's watchers for many years until they "Vanished" after the first Era. Mystics were made of no specific race, it was a combination of all the existing and maybe non-existing races. Aridius Scholars draw the mystics in many different ways; some may draw an eye, or a hooded figure, but no one knows for sure what they looked like, or if they even existed. The Elf race has the most fascination with them, they have written many things about the Mystics, some may be true, others fake. One book that became very popular was "Akalah and the Mystic Encounter" written by Akalah Greaia.

Aridius Scholars - (Haven't gotten around to it yet)

First Era - (Haven't gotten around to it yet)

Lach - Coder/Developer
Kbootle2 - Mapper
Vonsula - Developer/GFX Artist/Mapper
Soliduke - Writer/Music Composer/Mapper
Fang13 - GFX Artist/Animator
Micro - (Position Pending)
Cursed - (Position Pending)
The Kinslayer - (Position Pending)
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March 6th, 2008
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