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 Stormblade Status and opinions

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PostSubject: Stormblade Status and opinions   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:21 pm

Valhalla's Gate, the starting point of a team and Stormblade Studios. Mid Febuary, 2008; Valhalla's Gate forums were created to put together a team and community of people who were interested in a 2d Orpg based on a Norse mythology era. As I brought the name "Valhalla's Gate" out into the Playerworlds community again, people began to approach me for a position on the team. I also brought together contacts on my Messenger list and found them a place on the team as well.

Things began to progress very well with team participation (Lead Mapper competition and constant posting on the forums) and I became more ambitious for a better game and project. I searched for new ways to expand the team and our beloved Valhalla's Gate. I spoke to many contacts and visited dozens of Game creation websites like and Xna game creator's website. After being part of the community for a month and a half; the idea of a 2d Orpg made by Playerworlds did not satisfy me any longer. I quickly gathered a couple programmers I knew from past experiences and spoke to them about starting a Mirage based project which allowed us to add many features that could not bee made using Playerworlds.

Nightflyer Aka John joined our team and showed off some of his Visual Basics work (Script creator for an Ultima Online Emulator). While the team settled in and debated as to wether we should start a Mirage project; Hoodster2k and I worked on the games Lore which can be located here

The month of April was a hectic month for the game and team. We went through big changes and relocations. Soon after we based Valhalla's Gate on a Mirage based project; I hastily decided it was still not big enough. I do not regret the decision of creating Stormblade Studios; I believe it made our team even stronger. I do regret changing the whole visual concept of Valhalla Gate though. My ambitions led to the resigning of a couple people (Kinslayer and Cursed) and the loss of the true vision I had for Valhalla's Gate a couple years back: A simple 2d Orpg where people could have fun roleplaying and competing. I, like many gaming studios put the game's visual and gameplay before the story and lore. I believe the team was not prepared for such a big project but I led on to believe we would be fine.

Late April, we purchased but it went down after our domain was hacked. Nightflyer took it upon himself and bought a new domain called Fang created a flash website and we named it our new temporary home. Although things seemed to still be going fine if not strong; the heart and dedication of it all went raw. Drizzt took a leave of absence and Vonsula resigned due to personal issues. I was left leading the whole project myself and handling life and a full-time job on my other hand. I took quick action and deemed Nightflyer the new co-leader of Stormblade Studios. I believed it was the right thing to do but a few weeks after his new rise in rank; he also disappeared leaving me in charge once again.

June and July became ghost monthes for Stormblade Studios. Little to nothing was done and my life was filled with work and other personal issues. I managed to complete very little writing outside of the computer but not nearly enough for another development blog.

It's not August and thing are stirring up for Stormblade. The team will not die and the name of Stormblade will not be a memory. The remaining team members and I will be organizing our next move and begin work on growing again. Valhalla's Gate will still be on our project list but it will indeed go through many changes. From August to December, the team will migrate to new lengthes and go through more changes that will put us back on track. We will find new members and continue to prosper like we did during Febuary.

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Stormblade Status and opinions
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