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 March 11, 2008

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Team Leader

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PostSubject: March 11, 2008   Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:56 pm

The updates being posted are mainly Forum updates but a couple of other things.

Forum Updates

- Added Affiance theme to the forum. To change your theme just go to account settings look for the "Theme" option
- Added Staff forums (Can only be viewed by staff members)
- Changed and updated moderators and admins.
- Fixed a couple spelling mistakes to the forum descriptions
- Added some word censoring
- Added 1 new special rank (Lead Mapper).

Lore Updates

- Added Emporer Thorias II lore.
- Added Artimus Maximus Lore
- Fixed some of the lore for Emporer Thorias II

Wiki Updates

- Hoodster2k is now Wiki Admin.
- Added a new page for brainstorming
- Added new lore that is not yet completed: Valeria, Tristan Telwanath, Geth Thorias, Calvin Thorias, Bottled paradise, Luminia Disease, and 8 new potions.
- Changed the Goblin clan lands to Krakenneck Clan lands.

Game/Engine Updates
- A rough map has been sketched for the continent that Valhalla's Gate: Kingdoms takes place in
- Scripting for the child system has begun
- Fixes and edits to the GFX
- Still debating for a suitable engine.

I'd also like to congratulate The Kinslayer for his position as lead mapper.

Note: Valhalla's Gate is looking for a server host, if you think you are suitable for hosting, please contact me to set something up.
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March 11, 2008
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