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 The Weapon list

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PostSubject: The Weapon list   Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:06 pm

Here is the current list of weapons Valhalla's Gate is using. If you ahve any suggestions, comments, or questions; feel free to post them here.

* = Resource Complete


*Long Sword:
This weapon is a long blade with both edges sharpened; it is generally used for stabbing and slashing opponents. The long sword is possibly the most common weapon in Valhalla . it is usually used by Velnora, Humans, and Elves.

Two handed sword:
This powerful weapon is very heavy and rather slow but it is good for deflecting blows. Although this weapon lacks the defence capabilities of a shield combined with a long sword it has powerful crush, stab, and slash attack for a good all-around weapon.

*Short Sword:
Short swords are usually called secondary weapons because of their length and freedom of movement without being weighed down. They are similar to the long blade but shorter and lighter, leaving them useless against long range weapons.

A long curved blade used for chopping and cutting. Many warriors prefer this blade because of the way they are made and used.

This is the chosen weapon of an assassin, it is light but does a lot of damage. A talon has a straight blade but a hilt that is at a slight acute angle so it can be concealed easier. Three of these potent weapons can be attached to the owner’s hands to be used as claws.

*Dragon Sword:
Forged from a dragon tooth. A weapon that has a low durability but very strong attack. Not a common weapon to see around the villages. Most Warriors try to go for a dragon tooth, but only the strong survive with one.

Sythers (Sith-ers):
Smal 30cm blades that are strapped to the warrior/ess's arm and used to cut their oponent to pieces. These weapons can be founf in a veriety of shapes, colour, and sizes.

Dirk: A small blade that is slightly curved.

*Claymore: A large sword that is a bit smaller then the 2 handed sword but can be wielded either in 1 hand or 2.

Gladius: An 18-24 Inch long blade that is used for war as a primary or secondary blade. They are usually crafted in either gold or silver and can be easily used for stabbing and cutting.

Spatha: A 2 ft long sword that is used by many high officers in the human kingdom. It is capable of cutting through other blades and can even go through chainmail.

Xiphos: 2 ft. 5 inch long sword that is used by only the richest fighters or merchants in Valhalla. It is crafted in gold and sharpened to even cut the horn off a minotaur. Only the richest could obtain this masterpiece.

Scimitar: A long curved blade that is mainly used by pirates around Valhalla. It is good for swift striked and easy movement.

Pole Arms:

This weapon is very primitive but also effective because of the distance you have from your opponent when attacking. It is usually used in combination with a shield. This weapon is also very common.

Only the strongest of warriors can ever hope to wield a halberd they a basicly a long wooden shaft with the blade of an axe on the end. A halberd has the ability to preform long range and powerful attacks but both hands an needed to attack with this weapon.

Quarter Staff: A weapon that is commonly used by wizards. They usually are enchanted.

Blunt and hacking weapeons:

*War Hammer:
The warhammer is a big metal block attached to a wooden stick. Many believe it is a primitive weapon but it is actually very powerful. With a well aimed strike, it can knock an opponent to the floor in one hit. This weapon is a favourite of the Dwarfs but Velnora tend to use this weapon as well.

A large two-handed weapon that is used by many buff warriors. It basically does what its name says; mauls people. Some variations of this weapon have spikes or studs on the block for more impact on hit. This weapon is popular among a lot of races except Goblins as they struggle to lift one.

Battle axe and War Axe:
The main difference between these two weapons is that the battle axe has a single blade and is held in one hand and the war axe has two blades and is held in both hands. These weapons are so powerful that with enough hits, they can chop arms or legs off.

Morning Star: A variation of the mace but the end is shaped like a star.

Club: A piece of wood or bone that can be used for hitting an opponent over the head but some people prefer to add metal spikes or studds for extra damage.

*Tonfa: Dual clubs usually made out of a hard plastic or iron.

*Moon Axe: An axe said to be forged from moon rocks. It is also said to be unbreakable and that only few are able to hold it without turning to stone.

Flail - A jointed weapon consisting of a spiked or knobbed steel head joined by a chain.

Ranged Weapons:

Cross bow:
A bounty hunters best friend, it is an accurate and powerful weapon that can knock some one to the ground if it strikes them in the correct place. The scale of bolts used by crossbows are quite large; they vary from: barbed bolt that sticks in the opponent and causes extra damage until it is removed or even blunt bolts that are used for heavily armoured opponents.

This weapon is a small throwing spear that glides through the air and penetrates through the enemies armor. It is very popular in the world of Valhalla and used by many races.

*Long bow:
The long bow is a very popular weapon and is used by all the races, it has great range and power and it is moderately fast. It is a popular weapon to use when defending an outpost.
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Team Leader
Team Leader

Number of posts : 201
Age : 29
Registration date : 2008-04-13

PostSubject: Re: The Weapon list   Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:28 am

Added Spatha, Xiphos, Gladius, Scimitar, and Flail to the list.
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The Weapon list
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