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 The Item List

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PostSubject: The Item List   Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:08 pm

Here is the current list of items that can be found in Valhalla. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments feel free to post them here.


Toothreaper - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, the Aridius Scholar. Toothreaper is a black substance that will make the teeth in your mouth fall out and grow back when consumed. This potion is mainly used by those with rotten teeth or no teeth at all.

Stomachpulse - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, the Aridius scholar. Stomachpulse potions are usually used when the patient has a stomach virus. It will stir the contents in your stomach to a point where he/she will vomit, clearing the stomach from the virus. This potion has also been used countless of times to poison someone, it has caused a number of deaths.

Sillycooper - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, the Aridius scholar. Sillycooper is like our modern day drugs, it will play with your mind and give you the effects the drugs these days do (Hallucinations, Sexual urges, and other effects).

Bullblood - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, the Aridius scholar. Bullblood potions are used to restore the energy in a body. The potion was first considered an alcoholic drink but was later changed to an "Energy booster". The Bullblood is used to replenish the energy of Jousters, duelers, and many other athletes around the world to this day.

Touch of Paradise - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, The Aridius Scholar. Touch of paradise is a potion intended for adult characters and PLAYERS. The touch of paradise potion was created to satisfy the sexual needs of the user. Not many of these potions exist anymore because of the addiction it caused.

Float - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, the Aridius Scholar. Float is a potion created to break down the stress of the user. After using float, the user has only one intention, to sit or lay down and relax. The Float potion usually lasts 2-4 hours but there has not been a complaints since the day of the creation.

Hyptoni - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, the Aridius scholar. Similar to the Float potion, Hyptoni will but the user to sleep for 3-4 hours to break down the stress and replenish their energy.

Talnahhera Potion - A potion created by Artimus Maximus, the Aridius scholar. The Talnahhera potion was only created for experimenting but was later somehow discovered and released by another Alchemist. This potion is as deadly as it sounds, the effects begin with a painful transformation to an animal and then the result of memory and brain cell loss. This potion was banned 1 year after it's creation and can not be found anywhere in public anymore.

Feaslemooth - A potion created by Tristan Telwanath, the expert Nerul Magician. Feaslemooth was banned shortly after creation because of it's disturbing and graphic effects. Once consumed, the consumers mouth begins to fiss as his lips split open, releasing puss and blood. The mouth then starts to crust and fall apart, leaving the person with a large bloody hole on their face.

Mystic's Touch - The creator of this potion is unknown but it's known to awaken those who have been knocked out or even the recently deceased. Although it is not proven, some say they have seen it or even used it and it worked.

Plants and Herbs
Healing Herb - A small green herb that glows red at times. It can be picked in many fields throughout Revia, especially the sacred Fields of Floria.
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The Item List
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