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 October 8th, 2008 (Changelog)

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PostSubject: October 8th, 2008 (Changelog)   Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:16 pm

Well I decided not to write a DB this update because there is already so much on the changelog that it should add up for almost everything we've worked on. The changelog includes work on the Game, Forum, Wiki, and Lore. Without further waiting; here it is:

- Added Dragon Sword, Long Sword, Short Sword, Battle Axe, Katana, Spear, Battle Horn, Quiver, Sword Poison, Boots, Mystic Touch, Claymore, Healing Herb, Moon Axe, Long Bow, and Shovel Items.
- Added Flowers near Fields of Floria on Revia map
- Added Cardra Catle to Revia map
- Added Roof and Sign tiles
- Added Rocks, Bush, Tall tree, and town trees to Environments
- Added Bat, Chicken, and Wolf characters
- Added Goblin, Human, Velnora, Ghoul, Zombie, Lost Soul, Ent, Dwarf, Slakarth, and Elf characters

- Added the "Report user" feature
- Edited and cleaned the forum rules
- Changed Forum theme to celebrate VG:SOA
- Changed portal announcements to look at VG Updates not announcements
- Fixed description for Valhalla's Gate topic
- Fixed small typos throughout the forum

- Organized the Human Wiki Page
- Changed Human Settlements to Human Establishments
- Removed Items page
- Removed Loriel Ferlin from Human category
- Removed Tali Fethil from Human category
- Removed Daiton Towa from Human category

- Added lore for Humans
- Added lore for Human Eastern Empire
- Added lore for Human Western Empire
- Added lore for Cardra Castle
- Added lore for Cardra Order
- Added Zombie, Ghoul, Giant scorpion, Giant spider, and Troll to creature list
- Added lore for Shaera
- Added lore for Calvin Thorias
- Added lore for Geth Thorias
- Added lore for Trident Law
- Added lore for Element mountain
- Added lore for Revia
- Edited lore for Humanoria
- Edited lore for Turmah
- Edited Battle Phoenix description
- Removed Loriel Ferlin
- Removed Daiton Towa
- Removed Tali Fithel

That is a suitable changelog for now but expect more of these in the future with even more Development blogs. Last DB I promised that we would have actual screenshots of the game and we are pretty close to it now. The team was able to place a dozen new characters on the screen (thanks to Hoodster2k) and take screenhots with them on it. The tiles are all default and the maps are not actually going to be used so just focus on the characters, heh. Here they are!

Here is a screenshots showing all the characters we've completed so far. Starting from the left is: Lost Soul, Human, Velnora, Ghoul, Zombie, Elf, Dwarf, Slakarth, Goblin, and Ent.

These are the newer versions of the Ent, Zombie, Goblin, Dwarf, and Lost Soul.

A side view of the mysterious, tribal Slakarth race.

The common human race and the side view of the beautifull Velnora.

Another screenshot of a few characters.

I have also been doing some search for music IG and managed to find an incredible song that fits VG perfectly. Expect to hear it in the next Development blog along with more screenshots and information on Valhalla's Gate: Story of Aiden.
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October 8th, 2008 (Changelog)
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