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 September 2nd, 2008

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September 2nd, 2008 Empty
PostSubject: September 2nd, 2008   September 2nd, 2008 EmptyWed Sep 03, 2008 12:00 am

It's been a week since I posted a blog and there has been a lot of work done. Websites, Resources, Creatures, Lore, and more on Valhalla's Gate: Story of Aiden.

Before posting a full out blog, here is a quick changelog I created as we progressed through the week.

- Added Grass, Dirt, Gravel road, and Terraformation resources
- Added Kummu to Revia map
- Added Slakarth to Revia map
- Added some roads to Revia map
- Added Small Island on the Southern part of Revia
- Added Ruins of Tantalus on the map
- Created a 001 map to demonstrate the resources created
- 10% of VG: SOA storyline has been completed.

- Added mod access for Evergreenterrence481

- Added Dwarven lore page
- Added Religion section for Humans
- Added History and Notable Events for Dwarfs
- Added Magic section for Valhalla Lore
- Fixed a few spelling mistakes
- Fixed the Contact page

- Added lore for Kummu
- Added lore for Alpha Wolf, Wolf, Lich, Bat, Orc, Skeleton, Elementals, Dakhla, Minotaur, Monjii, Tarlones, Bull Tarlones, Vampire, Lost soul, Ent, and Posessed Ent
- Added lore for Ruins of Tantalus
- Added lore for Human Religion
- Added lore for Valconna
- Added lore for Shapidon
- Added lore for Valconna priests
- Added lore for Guardians
- Added lore for Heaven
- Added lore for Magic
- Fixed lore for Human High Council

This is a good amount of things done for one week of work. A lot of the lore used in our coming game is complete and some of the storyline is even completed. There is even a Teaser trailer for the game that was created a couple of days ago.

Most of the lore created is mentioned on the changelog. You can read all about it and more on the Wiki. You won't be disappointed. Along with the lore written, there will also be interesting side-quests for the game that will allow you to understand and find more lore on Valhalla's Gate and play 1-2 more hours of the game.

Evergreenterrence481 has been working hard with the website layout and a few resources. He will be working on most of the art IG and also some outside layouts and logo's. More of his work will be shown at a later date in full videos, demos, and screenshots.

I'd also like to say that I want an actual demo completed by the end of September so that the 001 Community can try it out. Then we will work on from there and complete the game, advetising is afterwards. The teaser trailer, Revia map, and a couple of screenshots will be shown on the next blog update to show off what we got so far.

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September 2nd, 2008
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