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 September 26th, 2008

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September 26th, 2008 Empty
PostSubject: September 26th, 2008   September 26th, 2008 EmptyFri Sep 26, 2008 11:14 pm

It's been nearly a month and we have so much to talk about. New resources, team members, and even screenshots of weapons in action. There are also other things to talk about that could make the project so much better.

Over the past month I've been busy with school mostly but I have put some work into the game and team. I've also added a couple creatures to the "creature list" and organized the Weapon list which falls under Hoodster2k's category of things to do. There were also changes to the forums and fixes to the wiki. Valhalla's Gate is turning out to be one hell of a world.

About a month ago I posted a "Graphic artist request" in the 001 forums and got no reply in the first week so I gave up on that fact because Evergreenterrence481 was already helping out. I just took a look at the topic yesterday and there were three new posts asking for a place on the team or help the team by contributing certain resources. I have Pmed all three of these members and I've had one person contribute and the other ask for a position on our team. News on this member will come shortly after a couple steps he must go through to fill the role of Resource artist.

The last week or so has been full of good stuff with new tiles, enviromental pieces, and items. All these items and tiles will be used but before we show them all off; more resources must be created to give the Valhalla look a good name. I was most impressed with the amount of contributors we had this week. Scorch, Evergreenterrence482, and even Hoodster2k who isn't an artist gave us a contribution. If you would like to see some of the items created; visit and you can not only see them but a slew of features that VG:SOA will hold.

I have also canged the forum theme for a new temporary look as we work on VG: SOA. Just a little inspiration, hehe.

Fang13 and Silent-Sound have been inactive lately and they have been put on my "watch" list. It will be announced next week on wether they stay or leave.

That is about it for this DB but don't worry because another one will be here sooner than you think! And this one will hold actual screenshots of the game!
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September 26th, 2008
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