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 August 26th, 2008

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August 26th, 2008 Empty
PostSubject: August 26th, 2008   August 26th, 2008 EmptyTue Aug 26, 2008 12:55 am

There has been so much work done these last couple of weeks that I'm proud to announce the next Development Blog for VG. This blog contains new lore, a new team member, 001 Engine news, and more.

Before I get into a descriptive DB, I'd like to show a quick changelog of a few things that We've done throughout the last couple of weeks. This is not everything but things that I will not mention in the actual DB:

- Added character backgrounds for Aiden and Hugo
- Added character backgrounds for Raven and Madeline
- Started working on the main storyline for VG: SOA

- Removed Mod and Admin access from the inactive team members (VG forums and Stormblade Forums)
- Removed Chat from the top of the Stormblade Forums
- Fixed a few minor things for the Stormblade Forums

- Fixed the Wiki to have much less Links

- Added Lore for Fields Of Floria
- Added Map Of Revia
- Added Lore for Elemental Gift
- Added Lore for Necromancy
- Added lore for Chivalry
- Added lore for Nerul Magic
- Fixed lore for Crystal melodies
- Removed one continent (That means there is only 5 continents in Valhalla)
- Removed three magic types from Valhalla lore which leaves us with 5

Nerul Magic - A mental type of magic that allows the caster to perform Illusions, Mind control, Dreams, and Tricks. This is considered to be the easiest type of magic to master but there have been reports of brain damage on rare occasions after casting a spell.

Crystal Melodies - A magic used by elves to cast powerful spells and build their cities. Melody Crystals are hard to come by outside of the Elven forest and even there; the three Sub races are competing for them. Outsiders of the Elven forest consider the Elven Melodies to be gifts from the Gods.

Elemental Gift - This magic is a rare sight for the beings of Revia. It is only attainable through birth or bestowed upon by the Gods. He who uses this magic is able to control an element (Eaither Earth, Water, Wind, or Fire) is refered to as an "Element Bearer".

Necromancy - Outlawed early in the 2nd Era (112 2E), it was used for reanimating and controlling the dead. Those who become one with Necromancy are said to become a dreaded Lich.

Chivalry - Considered to be a rival to Necromancy by many. Those who control Chivalry are able to use holy powers to defeat their opponents by casting both Support and Offensive Spells.
That changelog packs up most of the Valhalla lore worked on this past two weeks. There has been writing work done for VG: SOA though, like the character backgrounds for the four main characters (Aiden, Hugo, Raven, and Madeline) and a proto-type map of Revia which need to be completed and converted into something more eye candyish. There is also new work being done on a creature list. So far there is only about a dozen but when my full attention turns to it; the list should expand. I'd also like to throw in that 5% of the story is already written out and ready to be converted into a Trailer or Demo.

Hoodster2k is also working on a new "system" of throwing stars with elemental powers embeded into them. I'm excited to see the completed version of it so that we can add it as a feature in our coming game.

I's also like to welcome Evergreenterrence to the Stormblade Team. He came over from 001 Engine and will be helping us create totally custom resources; along with logo art and other Misc things. I'd like to warmly welcome you to the team and I am axcited to work with you in the future. Zanathar aka Drizzt is also giving thought to returning to the team after having a misunderstanding the previous time he was here. If you see him around; give him some encouragement and get his hiney back on board Very Happy

I'd like to close off by telling you all that the new version of 001 Engine is out and we have a clear road ahead of us now. We will need to work hard and stay dedicated. If we continue to work hard, VG: SOA will turn out a great game.
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August 26th, 2008
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