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 August 13th, 2008

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PostSubject: August 13th, 2008   August 13th, 2008 EmptyWed Aug 13, 2008 11:46 pm

It's been some time since the last Blog update but here it is. This update contains work on a new game, removal of a few team members, updated forums, and new lore.

After much thought of what to do next with our beloved team and VG, I have decided to take a different approach and work on a 2d singplayer game called Valhalla's Gate: Story of Aiden. The story takes place in the 2nd era during the beginning of the Goblin Wars. It will follow a character named Aiden Ralvera who is a soldier of the Turmah army. After hearing of some kidnappings a few days prior to his last journal writing, an unexpected war starts and the game's story begins.

I've already begun work on the game by writing his final journal entry. Here is a sneak preview:

Journal Entry 27

It's been two years since I (Aidan Ralvera) left Shaera and joined the Turmah army. It's all been quiet for us soldiers though, even the guards have had more action than us because of the recent kidnappings and murderers. There have been rumours of a rebel army wanting to free Turmah of these Goblin bastards but I don't buy into it. Anyone who even thinks of defying Emporer Thorias is an idiot and nothing more.

Why I joined the army? Well...I honestly don't know. Ever since I was a child..I would play tournaments of Sticks while everyone watched. I would always become champion and the audience would cheer for me. I left to join the army when I was seventeen; stick games weren't cutting it anymore and I needed something new with sharper edges.

The first day of recruitment was horrible. There is no special treatment for new recruits and the training consisted of "Stick them with this pointy part". I guess Leiden Cuztra wasn't too worried with our training since no one in Revia would dare give us a back hand. Even though the official training was horrible, we soldiers took it amongst ourselves and started scheduling training sessions for those who wanted to learn in case of an actual war. Although we all doubted the chances of war, we needed something to do while sitting in the barracks.

Things are pretty much the same since I got here other than the fact I'm no longer the fresh bait. Boredom has me writing in this everyday and some of the others are going out to the Northern district for the sole reason to pick on Goblin Slaves. Just the other day..Brodd and Micheal broke a goblin out of it's cage and made it a target for the archer's practice. They were all caught and Leidan made them pay thirty coins each for the trouble and vandalism caused.

I'll slowly add more depth into the actual character and create more lore to follow the game. Hoodster2k will also be helping out by writing lore on the items being used in the game. Fang13 will also be helping out by creating the items used in the game.

I've also been working on what we have right now, the Wiki and forums. If you look around the forums, I've done small adjustments to fit our current position. I've also deleted the chat at the top of the page because it was becoming more of a nuisance than useful. As for the resourceful Wiki, I've created 3 new Magic types which only leaves 3 more to create. Then I can get into deeper lore about the magic and start connecting it with parts of our current lore. I've also done some editing and added about 4 new things to the pages. I am trying to get the Wiki more organized as well, especially our Item section because of the incoming amount of Items being written about will overflow the pages.

Last but not least, I've officialy removed all team members that have gone inactive within the last 2-3 months. This includes Drizzt, Nightflyer, Silent-Sound, Forsman, Natemo, and Cokekoladrunk. Although it personaly didn't effect me; it cut the teams roster by 80%..but it's ok Smile. I am currently happy with the amount of team members we have; it will allow me to keep better track and get more work done without chasing those who are inactive.

Anyways, hope you are well informed with where we are going and if you have any questions, the team of Stormblde is always here to help.
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August 13th, 2008
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