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 April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog)

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April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog) Empty
PostSubject: April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog)   April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog) EmptyThu Apr 17, 2008 10:54 pm

Hello, here is the newest development blog for Valhalla's Gate, Stormblade Studios, and related categories. This will be the third Blog posted by me and will explain the latest news on our team and progress with the games were working on.

To begin, I'd like to tell all members on the team that they have been given assignments on the "Staff Discussio" forums on both Valhalla's Gate and Stormblade Studios. These assignments will mostly not affect the game development (Except for a few exceptions) but will show me where everyone is at with their skills and that they are dedicated to learn and/or complete assignments on time and with the best of their ability. If you are confused with your assignment or have any questions, please ask me through MSN and/or Staff discussion forums.

I'd like to welcome Silent Sound to the team as our new Music Composer. Silent-Sound will also be making us a good layout for the website; he has already created the Site map to show what links are and where they will be placed. We did have another member that was on the team for a couple of days but was removed for a serious issue that occured.

The GDD for Valhalla's Gate has been expanded on even more, the "Updates" and "Game Concept" sections have been added to quite a bit so they are more descriptive and informative. Moy, our Game Designer and Stroy writer will also be working on a few things after he sent me an interesting e-mail April 17. You will all get an update with what he is working on when I believe that there is enough to show from him. The GDD has been set to be mostly completed by April 30th, but the dates decision is not final.

The GDD for our unamed Pong game has also been worked on a little. I have updated the team list and added a few more powerups in it. There is still discussion between the members if the game will be an MMOAG (Massive Mutliplayer Online Arcade Game) and what the actual name will be. One thing is certain though, there will be a pong game in the near future that will be released before our long-term project: Valhalla's Gate.

The Wiki for Valhalla's Gate which I have decided to still not release into public because we will be using it for our Lore database was worked on by me a little this morning. I edited a few typos and added a few missing pieces on some of the characters. Moy AKA Hoodster2k and Myself will begin heavy work on the games Lore again sometime in May when our unnamed pong game is almost ready for release.

On a larger note, Valhalla's Gate demo will be taking place in the ruined city of Turmah. This city was destroyed and removed from the official list of human cities after the Goblin war. More information on the location will be given out at a later date. The release date for the demo has not been Specified but it will not be out for a good amount of time.

To get away from the Games under Dev, I have been running through the internet turning down countless Freelance Job offers but did come by an old friend running an Ultima Online Emulation Server called UO: Extinction. I am not working full time, I would not call it part-time either but I have volunteered to aid with Project management and C# scripting. I took this Freelance job to expand my skills on these categories as our games (Unnamed Pong being my primary goal) are released. You do not need to worry about dedication and time with this Server, it is just something I go to when I am taking a break from the GDD and practicing C++.

This will be my closing paragraph and I hope you enjoyed reading this DB and expect more to come out in the near future. I'd also like to center Silent-Sound and Hoodster2k for their contant attempts to keep our projects moving. If you catch either of them, please congratulate them.
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April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog) Empty
PostSubject: Re: April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog)   April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog) EmptyFri Apr 18, 2008 12:15 pm

To add to this, A lot of things have been happening lately in which I couldn't have helped. But I havn't been up with the project. I appologize and this next week I will contribute a lot more, since I will have my money back and also have my computer back... Once again I appologize... Lach you especially but I think you understand what has happened...
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April 17th, 2008 (Development Blog)
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