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 May 24, 2008 (Development Blog)

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May 24, 2008 (Development Blog) Empty
PostSubject: May 24, 2008 (Development Blog)   May 24, 2008 (Development Blog) EmptySat May 24, 2008 8:40 pm

After a Month of slow production and loss of member interest, I have enough to write about for the next Development blog. During the blog, I will write about our new Stormblade "Founder", New Engine, A possible new team game/member, and a couple other things.

This new has already been announced but I'd like to welcome Nightflyer to the top branch of our team. I have known him for a long time and know he can help us expand and progress. He has been doing a great job by buying us a domain name and advancing with new ideas and work. I'd like you all to respect him like you do to me but be open with him as well. Nightflyer has been put in charge of further work with Battle Pong so he will be assigning those involed (Silent-Sound, Natemo, and Moy) tasks through time.

Drizzt, Co-Founder of Stormblade Studios has disappeared for almost 5 weeks now with nothing to say but "Girlfriend and Golf got me busy". I will not start accusations here but there is obviously lack of dedication towards Stormblade Studios coming from his part. Therefore, his "Status" as Founder has been suspended by me until I have spoken with him. You do not take orders or tasks from him until told otherwise. If you happen to see him, inform him that I am looking to speak with him.

Nightflyer recently informed me of a new engine he found that allows you to create any kind of game without the restriction of Licensing and funds. The engine name is currently disclosed because we are still looking to work on it and learn more about it before making it our official engine to use while producing Battle Pong and possibly other future games. The engine does looks significant but there is also review informing us that it is difficult to work in the beginning. Hopefully we look past this problem and manage to create our very first game using this engine.

Slayer, a contact of Nightflyer told him that he is working on a 2d game by himself. We are currently debating if we should take him and his game into our Team. There are many benifits to this like another game to place on our list which will allow us to get more interest on us, more experience, and other things that are useful. Of course we will have more work on our hands but it's not like we do much at the moment, hehe. Hopefully this all turn out well. You guys will be informed about our decision soon.

Last but not least, we now have the domain leading to the website Fang made until further notice. If not, we will get fang to continue work on that website to make ti look as profesional as possible. I'd like you all to help out with ideas on the site, artwork, music, and whatever else you can manage to work on.

Hopefully this is enough news for the team, we are still alive and do not have plans on disbanding. Just stand strong and remember to take initiative as well. You do not need to wait for me to tell you to do something.


P.S Nighflyer should be posting his version as well.
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May 24, 2008 (Development Blog)
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